Amazon VPN Coming Soon?

Editor 2019-09-01


Amazon bought mesh network company Eero a few months ago and rumours are now circling about how the company could help Amazon create a VPN which could have serious ramifications for Apple, Google and pals. If true, a lot of senior execs would have more than a couple of sleepless nights. TechRadar has the story.

VPN and antivirus were already part of Eero’s offering before Amazon bought it back in February 2019. Given Amazon’s clout and its immense subscription base via Prime - it has more than 100 million subscribers in the US alone - means that it could both the VPN and antivirus markets, very significantly. What’s more, Amazon is one of the largest owners - if not the largest owner - of compute, storage and networking resources in the world thanks to the millions of servers it hosts. That’s several orders of magnitude bigger than even the biggest VPN provider out there.

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